What's The People's Church?

“The People’s Church is a church without an address because the church is not a location. It’s a house without walls because walls are meant to keep people out. It’s a place without pews because pews are meant to keep us comfortable and complacent. It’s a church that has no pulpit because our actions are the sermon. The People’s Church is YOUR church.” – Pastor Mike

The People’s Church offers the following services:
  • In-Home Anointing and Prayer
  • Nursing Home and Hospital Visits
  • Weddings and Funerals
  • Jail Visitation
  • Home Dedications
  • End-of-Life Chaplain Visits with Guitar and Hymns
If you would like to talk to the pastor you can reach him on the contact us page.
This worship service includes:
  • Praise Team (Beautiful Name, Your Great Name, Hymn of Heaven)
  • Announcements and Veterans Day Tribute Michele Reckel
  • Scripture Kelly Reckel
  • Offering John Redmon
  • Sermon/Communion Pastor Mike Maldonado “Love”
Come and join us for our annual Thanksgiving Meal for the community.
Wednesday, November 22 at 2pm at The People’s Church. To donate food, money or volunteer to serve, contact Michele Reckel. 
Thank you to Pastor Harris and Fresh Start Baptist Church who partnered with The People’s Church and donated 20 tents and 20 sleeping bags for the homeless ministry.




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